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We are always looking for volunteers to help spread our mission and further our fundraising. 

Please see below for ideas on how you can help us!

Know someone who would want to sponsor or an angel philanthropist or even a business who would want to partner with us? Let them know about us and connect us! 

If you don’t have much money your talent in creating designs, memes, posters, PowerPoint, editing, videos may be exactly what we need!  Share your talent and let us know how you would like to help.  We all have value.

If you want to be trained, ask friends to support you in raising the money for your training.

Call local places/stores and see if they are willing to donate a gift card or merchandise for our fundraisers, and giveaways.

Share our mission on Facebook and encourage others to do so.

Set up/take down  events and meetings.

Write something for our blog or newsletter.