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Ruth Kraft


Ruth Kraft has been working with women and mastering her ability to nurture in a profound way for her entire life. As a birth worker for more than 20 years, Ruth also hosts training and mentoring birth professionals all around the United States. including Labor Doula, Postpartum doula, Childbirth Educator, and Breastfeeding Professionals. She has two beautiful children, loves to travel, photography, rescuing animals, weaving, knitting, and painting. She is honored to be working with such great purpose to follow her calling. 

Tierra Russell

Board member

Tierra Russell, known as GLOWgoddess911 “cause  there is always an e-MER-gency when She’s around”. Tierra has a loving passion for people but women & children get her going. Being able to help women find their new flow in life with a new life is a heart mission of hers; which is why she is  choosing to be part of Community Calling. Helping as a collective matters. She has worked in outreach in many ways. She was the outreach coordinator and child watch provider at Bridges, has helped in children services council training, been an infant lay advisor and is wonder of Tru Glow Doula Love services. She has been the recipient of a Black doula scholarship and is now working as a doula and helping the Community Calling  program as much as she can.

Jessica Miree

Board member

Jessica Miree is a registered nurse with over 14 years experience in supporting families in various capacities. After her own birth experience, she became a certified birth and postpartum doula and lactation professional. Jessica’s passion in the birth world is supporting you in the ultimate birth experience that you desire and deserve through empowerment and education.

Chrissi Suttman


Chrissi Suttman has an extensive background in tax preparation and book keeping. She became a doula to feed her passion and wanted to help give back to the cause by helping with the book keeping for Community Calling. She feels honored to be a part of this process to help women get the support they need and deserve in her career and volunteering. She lives in Florida with her Daughter. 

Kevina Satterfield

board member

Upon giving birth with her midwife and doula in her home three times, Kevina found a passion and movement to become a doula professional. She has dedicated her time and energy into speaking with women and their partners about birthing from a “intentional birthing perspective”. In 2021 she was presented with the opportunity to become a Labor Doula, Breastfeeding, and Post Partum Doula Professional through Community Calling, Inc. Life has never been the same. She every mother has the ability to create her birthing story, one that does not leave a mother with a traumatic experience, to be passed down generation to generation. Birthing is a fluid, humble, and empowering experience, being a Doula allows mothers to be exposed to an ancient culture of women communing in the highest Rites of Passage of Womanhood as a Mother! Kevina’s motto is “Every mother requires the sacred space to birth her family though intentional birthing perspective, therefore every mother deserves a Doula!” 

Lindsay Shoiock

board member

Lindsay followed her newfound passion and became a certified doula in 2023. She’s always had a passion for birth. As she got older she started learning more about women’s holistic health, and became intrigued seeing how incredible women’s bodies are. After watching the Business of Being Born Documentary she was forever changed and needed to educate friends and family. Get her started on the topic of birth and she won’t stop. On a non-birth related topic, Lindsay works as a full-time Personal Assistant out of Palm Beach, Florida. She recently moved back to Florida from New York City and now resides in West Palm Beach.